About Us


Logaritma Internet & BT founded in 2002 to bring the media and technology under one roof to the local advertising market. One of the first missions were to set an international online ad sales network and then to build communities through web sites and portals owned. Logaritma is known as by being always a head of the local market, bringing in the sales models, ad technologies with the know how and intelligence applied in advanced markets.

With our motivation of success and eligiblity to move fast, we have always been ahead of our market. Our passion is to create solutions to the digital advertising environment with our experience and know-how as the early adopters right before the realization of the problem in the market.

What do we have?

The know-how and the experience of advertising, technology, creativity, community building and bringing and growing the businesses of global brands in local markets.

What do we offer?

We create solutions to the advertising market by providing individual models for the market needs ahead.

What sets us Apart?

Passion is our thing.

We know to listen, we know to work hard and we know that time is limited.

We move quick and adopt fast!

What our clIents apprecIate?

We know what we are doing!

Our determined personalities to solve problems, our inner discipline and hunger to knowledge with our loyalty are our key features for our clients.


We are humanists with the acknowledgment of nonviolence and having the environmental awareness.